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Kettle Bell

Kettle Bell

Kettlebells—cannonball-like weights with thick handles—were the weapon of choice for Russian lifters more than a century ago. They're just now getting their due in America. The weights offer all the benefits of dumbbell training, plus a few more. The super-thick handles challenge your grip, and the position of the weight in relation to the handle works your core extra har - :

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The kettlebell or girya (Russian: ги́ря) is a cast-iron or cast steel weight (resembling a cannonball with a handle) used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. .[1] They are also the primary equipment used in the weight lifting sport of girevoy sport. Russian kettlebells are traditionally measured in weight by pood, which (rounded to metric units) is defined as 16 kilograms

Benefits of kettlebell

1. It improves functional fitness

2. It can be used for all age group

3. Resistance is always from spine, so no direct tension on spine.

4. It combines strength and cardio.

5. It uses muscles in all planes of body

6. It is very easy to pick kettle bell exercises

7. It improves muscle power,strentgth,co ordination and balance.


1. Wrist support or padding is must in kettlebell training.

2. but kettle bell with smooth or rubber handle.

3. hire trainer to understand postures.

3. A beginner should start with an 4-8-kg bell.