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Nutrition Adolescence

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Adolescence is a period between childhood to adulthood, with accelerated physical, emotional, hormonal development.

Physiological changes

Due to hormonal influence lots of body changes occurs at this stage. The growth in girls are faster than boys, Onset of critical body composition occurs with body fat accumulation, which is required to maintain regular ovulation. The growth occurs upto 12-15 in boys and 10-13 in girls. But bone mass continues to increase upto age of 25.

Recommended dietary allowances


Increases due to increase in rate of growth and energy expenditure.The needs of boys are higher than girls due to more growth and physical Activity.


Demand increases to meet growth needs and for pubertal changes in both male and females.


Calcium needed is much more in this age, as bone growth demands more Calcium requirement. Iron requirement increases for haemoglobin synthesis. For girls more amount of iron required, as they lose iron during menstruation. And if this lost is not replaced it can lead to iron deficiency anaemia.


Due to skeletal growth , vitamin D requires more. Vitamin B6 required for amino acid metabolism for tissue growth. Folacin and B12 are essential for RNA and DNA synthesis.

Dietary guidelines.

1. To avoid future nutritional problems , adolescence proper diet intake is very important.
2. Diet should be calorie and protein rich, as it is a growth period of life.
3. Intake lots of fruits and vegetables in diet , to meet vitamins , minerals, fibres requirement.
4. Iron rich food like green leafy veges, nuts, khajur , whole grain, in diet to prevent anaemia.
5. Take all 6-7 proper meals ina day and do not skip any meal.
6. Avoid empty calorie food such as carbonated beverages, cakes and pastries.
7. Food should be colourful and attractive.
8.An adolescent girl should take more calcium in diet to increase bone density which can delays the osteoporosis.
9. Well balanced nutritious food is important to avoid low weight and obesity.
10. Try to eat homemade , nutritious and tasty food.
11. If girl or boy does not like salads then incorporate in recipes like sandwiches, paratha, frankies