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Post pregnancy exercise tips

Post pregnancy exercise tips -

1. Firstly get the permission of your Gynecologist to start any exercise.
2. Try to nurse your baby just before you exercise, since exercise increases the lactic acid in your milk that remains elevated for about 2 hours after you exercise,making the milk sour. The child may therefore temporarily refuse to take milk.
3. Trying for drastic/hollywood weight loss attempts after giving birth could have a negative impact on breastfeeding. Take 5 to 6 months to lose the weight gained in pregnancy.
4. The lactation (milk production) burns about 500 calories day, It’s estimated that the production of one ounce of breast milk burns 20 calories.
5. You should wear a good quality athletic bra during exercise to support your breast ligaments.
6. Production of milk requires extra 300- 500 calories per day.