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BCAAs (Branched chain amino acid)

What is BCAA?

Isoleusine, Leusine and Valine (essential amino acids) are collectively called BCCA. Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body.
Studies confirmed that under conditions of stress,injury or exercise ,a disproportionately high amount of BCAA are required to maintain nitrogen balance.Stdies also indicate that leucine is used up to two or more times the rate of isoleucine or valine. Dairy products and red meat contain the greatest amounts of BCAAs, although they are present in all protein-containing foods. Whey protein and egg protein supplements are other sources of BCAAs.

What is the effective dosage of BCAA supplementation?

The effective dosage range for BCCA is 1.5 to 6 g for Leucine, 1.8 to 3 g for Isoleucine and 4 g of Valine.

What are the benefits of BCAA supplementation?

• BCAA is very effective in treating physical stress (burns, victims, surgery and trauma)
• It helps to muscle to preserve glycogen stores.
• It increases endurance
• It delays mental and physical fatigue during exercise
• It improves post-exercise recovery (less muscle soreness and fewer upper respiratory tract infections)

What are the side effects of BCAA supplementation?

It very safe and there are no adverse side effects of BCAA supplementation.
• void taking it in high dosage (5-10g per day), it may interfere in absorption of other amino acids.
• Individuals with kidney or liver diseases should avoid taking it in higher dosage.