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Bee pollen (Pollen)

What is Bee pollen?

Bee pollen is plant pollen carried by bees to the hive where it is gathered by placing brushes at the hive's entrance knocking the pollen off the bees as they enter. Consists of plant pollens collected by worker bees combined with plant nectar and bee saliva. It is comprised of vitamins, minerals, proteins, phytochemicals and carbohydrate. Bee pollen should not be confused with the pollen that is blown by the wind and is a common cause of allergies. Bee pollen is heavier and stickier, and is collected off of bees' legs by special devices placed at the entrance to hives. It is often referred to as nature's most complete food.
It is among the oldest known dietary supplements. Its used as a rejuvenator and medicine dates back to the early Egyptians and the ancient Chinese. It has been called a "fountain of youth" and the "ambrosia of the Gods". The Greek physician Hippocrates, (the father of modern medicine), used it as a healing substance some 2,500 years ago and its health benefits were appreciated by Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs.

What is the effective dosage of bee pollen supplementation?

The effective dosage for bee pollen is 1 to 3 grams per day.

What are the benefits of Bee pollen supplementation?

• Bee pollen is used for general health tonic.
• It is used as an antioxidant.
• It may help to increase stamina.
• It may promote fat loss.
There is little to no scientific data to support the claimed benefits of dietary supplementation with bee pollen.

What are the side effects of Bee pollen supplementation?

There are very few clinical studies to support it's ergogenic(benefits) effect, there is a potential to produce serious allergic reaction in sensitive person.