How Does Bollywood Lie About Their Fitness

1.UNDER KNIEF -  Celebrity goes under knife very often than we think under the label of "foreign tour" or "detox tour"etc ,their entire career is about looks so they invest and risk a lot. Common practice to go under Bariatric surgery where they staple you stomach size to half or apply rubber band to make it half, so they get feeling of fullness with half size of regular serving, Second practice is liposuction where you physically remove fat storage.

2.PHOTO LIBRARY - Most of the PR agency use and showcase photos from libraries or old stock. When celebrity is in good shape,they take and store thousands of photographs which are in possession of their PR agency,which are often use for long duration.


If you notice they always wear hoodies or full sleeves shirt or T-shrits to cover themself or unfit body,this cover up their bad shape.


Makeup and tattoos is very common practice to make up their operation mark.


 This is very old school method help all actors take to show or sharpen curves and six packs.


 Most of the male actors take heavy hormone(testosterone,thyroid) injection to bulk to look muscular when they are preparing them self for a movie or shoot. Easy way to recognize anabolic hormone use is oily skin, ripped veiny arms and ,oily face and skin.


Some colours always make us look thinner, Black is a best bet that makes you look thin.  If they  wear a dark bottom they always wear a bright colored shirt or top .


I recently saw deepika padukone is doing pull /chin ups, I was astonished to see that later when I saw video closely, it was assisted chin up machine where weight helps you to help you do chin ups. 


This is common practice to create six pack digitally by sofeatre call VFX , this also helps to show six pack on anyone body.There was this big article on salman khan on this VFX thing while shooting for move ek tha tiger.

10) ENDORSEMENT FITNESS BRANDS OR EXERCISE MODE - most of the fitness center pay or do not charge membership against photos which can be used to promote their fitness center/exercise mode or brand. That makes us think ohh she does that particular exercise which keeps her thin,so i would join and get slim.this is not true all exercise does not suits you,it depends on many things like medical history,lifestyle,fitness level.

There is nothing wrong about these lies but I think that  celebrity should not to be consider as a fitness idols at all, Simply because they do not take fitness as a lifestyle and fitness is a lifestyle, they travel a year around, they are neck deep in shoots, travel and commercials(they know this is the time to earn),because of this erratic lifestyle it is difficult to focus on diet and exercise. They always prepare themself only for a shoot/scene and then stop exercising, that is it. I want celebrity like Milind Soman or Tiger shroff to be consider as a real heroes in fitness not Salman khan.I also agree that we all lie, whether it’s an exaggeration, a little white lie or all-out intentional dishonesty, we do,But our lies should not influence anybody's life/fitness.

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