I wanted to write on this topic for big time, Every profession has its own honey and salt, so is the life as a personal trainer in Mumbai. First thing other professionals notice about personal trainer’s life is about good physique, women, music, glamour (very few could made it), However, things are not quite that simple.

There are two types of personal trainer in Mumbai, one who works as a employee where gym management pay you the commission, other ones work as a freelancer who goes to client’s home or gym set ups . Both ways offer equal benefits as well as drawbacks  except the way you receive money.

                                                  LIFE OF A PERSONAL TRAINER IN MUMBAI 

1) Waking Up Earlier – Generally day start at 4.30 or 5 ,you have whey protein and pre-workout of coffee,you generally have clients till 11am then you come home,and sleep for an hour, then second meal, then household work ,then at 5pm you eat then again clients start from 5 to 10pm then you come home and sleep(wait till alarm to ring).

2) Diet Maintaining – Human who has born with tongue/taste has to have likes and dislikes of  food/recipes. But being personal trainer you got to control serving size or avoid fattening food, only plus point may be that you know what makes you obese.

3) Insecurity – financial insecurity is killing these days as every business is coming down to price war, everybody wants to hire personal trainer at the cheapest rates/fees possible,secondly as a trainer you dont know when would you lose a client as Indian ( in spite of having money)does not take fitness as a lifestyle .

4) Only 5% Are Doing Really Well – trainers who have been hired by celebs only and only could do well in fitness industry, in India everybody wants to looklike Akshay kumar and Aishwarya rai, they think by hiring celebrity personal trainer they would overcome genetics and look like them.

5) Have To Invest Hell Lot On Advertisement – First thing civilization does is kills patience ,Urban population lacks patience ,people hire or pay for what they see, packaging rates high above real product in almost all professionals.

6) Changing Fitness Trends – every six months some or other fitness trend comes and goes but  client expects trainers to master every trend, by the time trainer invest and master, that fitness trends evaporate like camphor under sunlight, example is power yoga.

7) Commuting From Client to Client  City like Mumbai the best way to reach from one end to one end is motorcycle, so generally freelance personal trainer in Mumbai (at home) has to be on his motorcycle for minimum 5-6 hours a day to cover clients all over Mumbai.

8) Other Gym Does Not Allowed Outside Trainer –This is major problem for freelance personal trainer in Mumbai, Most of the fitness center does not allow freelancer trainer to train their clients in their fitness centers, Either trainer has to lose clients or train at client’s home.  

9)Fixing Personal Issues – at a time people hire you for more than a building fitness. This is very very dangerous from all ends , specially with women they try to build emotional relationship with fitness trainer ,this leads to lots of complication for both.

10) Fitting In a Workout Whenever – Finding a time to work out is NOT easy for anyone, and the same holds true for a trainer. Some trainers get up earlier, others stay up later, and others fit in a workout while training with clients. It can be tough to keep a regular schedule if you commute for at-home sessions. You can’t train while on the clock at the gym or fitness club, so you have to find time around your regular work hours to fit in a workout of your own………..


There is this big misconception that personal trainers are just meat heads but those who have spent time with a personal trainer, know they are world-changers.Job of personal trainer is very challenging and tough, he/she is capable to damage as well as repair the physical fitness, Choosing right trainer is very important.

I love my job ,I have spent 15 years in fitness industry, seen hell lots of changes, Most of my contemporary trainer have quit, I could not because I do not know what else to do in life almost similar to Mr.Brooks(librarian) in movie  Shawshank Redemption , what hurt most is in spite of doing honorable work people do not acknowledge and respect efforts and treat you like their housekeeping staff………….As a personal trainer I may fail to make it famous but what I admire about  myself is I expressed my passion as a profession.


FITNESSSMITH Mayur Deshpande

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