Top 5 Fitness trends in 2021 in Mumbai India post covid-19

January is a month where fitness center suddenly become populated with all manner of people looking to jump in the hope of seeing themselves fit for a life. But overall past 2 years I observed steady declined in terms of new year resolution commitments, there could be many reasons for that decline but this year Covid-19 pandemic shadowed human life completely in terms of access to almost anything including fitness. Covid-19 pandemic was cosmic message to human race to sit back and observe what have you done to earth and yourself. This pandemic made us appreciate our health more, it also came to revolutionize the fitness industry big time.

1) Digital Fitness platforms

 Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns have resulted in a big boom in digital/online exercise across the globe in 2020 with walking and home workouts recording the highest growth.Digital fitness made survived lot of fitness trainers and fitness center worldwide.Digital fitness means fitness training through application and rerecorded videos and Live video call.It has pros and cons of its own but always remember something is better than nothing in this pandemic , you can contact me on 9892848570 for online fitness training across india for yoga and fitness.  

2) Wearable technologies

A wrist-worn devices that can detect some combination of walking steps, running distance, calories,heart rate, sleep patterns and swimming laps.These fitness wearables trackers can range from 500 to 2000inr or more. Some less expensive trackers lack a display, so you can't see how many steps you've taken unless you look at your smartphone. These trackers cannot be completely 100 % perfect but it helps to stay focus and motivated. Post covid more and more fitness trackers would be launch with latest Bluetooth technology and touch easiness. Factors which should be consider while investing in this is sweat resistant,features,costetc.

3) Mental fitness

Mental fitness itself would be huge industry in upcoming years,Mental fitness used to consider only for top level athlete or space guys but now mental toughness is becomes very, There are general programs and courses available for mental strength development, But what it lacks is customization, We need individual approach towards mental fitness, person has to work on different aspects of his life towards making himself mentally fit, and for that he needs empathetic guidance.    

4) Sleep coach

 This sounds absurd and funny, But Sleep coach is one of the upcoming profession in west and east as well. COVID-19 has impacted sleep-health in many ways. It has been shown that there is an increase in number of patients or subjects with sleep issues, with the major complaints being of delayed, fragmented and poor-quality sleep. This could be worsening of a pre-existing condition as in the case of insomnia patients or some people might have developed recent onset insomnia. Fitness performance is entirely base on how well you able to recover or sleep. Someone who practice shavsana in Yoga knows best about sleep aids. Sleep is deep subject to keep discussing but this would have to address under proper medical supervision.  

5) Outdoor group activity   

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide on all fronts and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, fitness ,food systems and social life. This pandemic has had significant psychological and social effects on the population. The social distance and the security measures have affected the relationship among people and their perception of empathy toward others. From this perspective, All humans would love to involve in group base activity like Zumba, dance aerobics, dancing lesions to group trekking to near by forts around cities like Mumbai. Group base activity would one of the top exercise modes in fitness in 2021.


Yours online fitness guru

Mayur deshpande


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