6 proven ways exercise works as a Antidepressants


How does regular physical exercises benefits in depression and anxiety

You probably started working out to be in ideal shape or figure. Fitness as a regular activity is high above than cosmetic benefits it offers, Physical activity helps decrease the risk of heart disease and diabetes 2, reduces the likelihood of developing certain types of cancer, strengthens our muscles But most importantly, the best benefit exercise offers are positivity in brain. Let’s discuss how does brain gets benefited from regular exercise.

1) Physical activity prevents memory loss.

Exercise helps memory and thinking through both direct and indirect means. Deep inside human brain, there’s an area called the hippocampus. This small structure serves a major role in learning and memory, and it shrinks with age. But a recent study shows regular aerobic physical activity stimulates and increases the size of the hippocampus protecting against memory loss.Another study found that even modest amounts of daily brisk walking were associated with a positive change in hippocampus volume. Hippocampus plays a vital role in memory restoration and function.


2) Physical activity helps us think faster.

Human brains has approximately 100 billion neurons, a special type of cell that transmits information. Neurons are connected to one another by synapses, and how well neurons communicate with one another is controlled by what’s known as plasticity. Regular physical activity activates and stimulate these neurons and helps us to think faster. Exercise improves synaptic plasticity, which allows us to process information more quickly


3) Physical activity boosts higher-level brain function.

Regular physical activity enhances your cognitive fitness. Studies shows that It  positively impacts our brain’s executive functions—like attention, problem-solving, abstract thinking, self-control, decision-making, emotional regulation, and more

4) Physical activity protects against dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the biggest worry many of us have as we get older. Dementia is a medical condition that negatively impacts memory, reasoning skills, and even personality and it affects nearly 50 million people worldwide. The “why” of dementia is complicated, but research shows we can protect ourselves from about 35% of risk factors simply by modifying our lifestyle—including our level of exercise. Weight training is particularly the most beneficial to show early signs of dementia.

5) Physical activity reduces depression.

Anti-depressants pills are not complete solution to depression. Rather it creates havoc .Let’s not forget that our brains support our emotional wellbeing! Exercise may help repair certain parts of the brain damaged by depression, and burning just 350 calories 4-5 times a week reduces symptoms of depression. Moderate intensity exercise releases the body's feel-good chemicals called endorphins hormones and makes you feel good. Ashtanga Yoga stimulates the production of a related neurotransmitter, gamma-aminobutyric .During physical activity of any mode takes you away from the cycle of low and same negative thoughts.

6) Physical activity improves our ability to learn.

Physical activity increases the number of growth factors in our brain, which helps it make new connections between neurons and that’s exactly what we need to learn new things. The most significant brain benefits come from complicated activities like tennis and dance. Exercise also stimulates the production of neurotrophins, proteins that support neurons, “leading to greater brain plasticity, and therefore, better memory and learning

The idea exercise regularly sounds good, but then practically it is tough, keeping motivation high everyday may be difficult so hire a fitness trainer. Create a family and group support before starting exercise and hire personal fitness trainer who would work with you as a guru or friend. Exercise and physical activity are great ways to ease symptoms of depression or anxiety, but they aren't a substitute for talk therapy (psychotherapy) or medications.


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