What to look for in Best virtual personal fitness trainer in India

The Covid pandemic has changed the entire job of a personal trainer and even fitness industry. Personal trainer’s job that is solely based on human interaction one on one in a time where interacting can mean contracting the covid virus.Virtual fitness is only answer to sustain and maintain fitness gains. Personal trainers have had to become more creative and entrepreneurial than ever before covid pandemic.Lets discuss how to select virtual personal fitness trainer in India.


1) Fitness Certification

First and foremost, check the fitness certifications of the personal trainer that will be training you. These are top reputed fitness certification in India ACSM,ACE,NSCA,NASM…..Be aware about the sites which label themselves as a celebrity trainer etc.Fitness certification is must.


2) Fitness experience

You must inquire about the personal trainer’s experience with your age group or with your medical problems eg lower back pain etc, specialization with older adults or weight management). Be wary of sites that rely on “celebrity trainers” or professional athletes to sell their services. It’s important to find out who will actually be designing your workouts, and always avoid sites that make exaggerated claims or guarantee fitness results.

2) Training Limitation

Trainer should be aware about limitation he has while doing virtual training, he has to avoid exercise which has high risk ratio as client would be alone in case anything goes wrong with workout.Also trainer should ask client to stands away from screen so that you would get to see his or her entire body, Make sure clients posture is completely supervised by you at any given time.

3) Software platforms for training

Virtual fitness trainer should be well equipped with online apps and camera angles etc. There are lot of software platform for training available, the most common apps are google meet, skype, zoom WebEx. While choosing online teaching apps simplicity is only key.

4) Leadership and motivational skills

Personal trainer has to understand that there is a difference between when you are near client while training and you are 100 miles away, it sounds easy but it makes a difference in all training front, your leadership and motivational skills makes a big difference.  

5) Be open and communicative.

Good communication is key to good workout,Make sure your virtual personal trainer is good enough to acess your workout intensity via good verbal skills as your facial expression might be compromised in small mobile or laptop screen, so verbal communication is key for good workout.   

We at fitnesssmith always offer trial session ,so ask for a trial session from an online fitness virtual trainer in Mumbai India.Trial session would help you to understand in depth preparation of your personal trainer before hiring him or her.so Happy virtual training!

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