If you and your loved ones like to eat at restaurants, you may think that this lifestyle is not very conducive for a healthy diet. In many circumstances, you would be right. Nevertheless, you are still able to enjoy eating at restaurants once in a while and keep your diet healthy. It is all about making sensible choices about food, which begins with discovering what type of nutritional needs you have in order to stay happy, physically and mentally healthy, as well as active.

When glancing through the menu, begin by skipping over the drink section. Though chances are you may be tempted to order a beer or mixed drink with your dinner, these things usually have a lot of empty calories, which does not bode well for your body. There is one exception to this rule when consuming alcohol and that is wine, specifically red wine, which is ok if you consume a single glass and red wine has actually been known to help prevent heart problems for some patients.
Also try to skip over the appetizer menu, unless you are going to order a side salad. The appetizers that are served at restaurants usually contain excessive fats that are not intended to fill you up and may in fact make you desire for even more of these highly fatty foods. Some examples of these foods are mozzarella sticks, potato skins, and wings. Instead of these, just try to focus on your main course or, if you really must eat the appetizers, share one serving with everyone around the table.
When deciding on your main course, it is, needless to say, important that you observe the ingredients present in the dish. Dishes that contain cream sauces or fatty meats should not be taken, and avoid ordering the potatoes or onion rings. As an alternative, order side dishes such as vegetables or just ask for the main course, if possible.
Also remember that portion means a lot. Split your meal in half right away to avoid being tempted to eat the entire thing, which is often sufficient for two or three portions.
Once your meal is finished, skip over the dessert menu, just like you would with the appetizers. Once more, try to share a single dessert with the whole table for those who must order something, or divide your portion in half. A lot of fancy desserts at restaurants contain more calories than your whole meal, so remember try to avoid it.

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