Travelling for day to day to reach office or travelling for big office work it takes a toll of life on all fronts ,Whether you love it or not one thing’s for certain: Traveling wreaks havoc on your schedule.This is especially important when you are fitness freak when you’re  trying hard to squeeze fitness in between those all-day meetings and client dinners, it can be hard to find the time to work out. But the good news is, with a few basic supplies and a bit of planning, you can easily carry your workout with you. Here’s your three-step plan for staying healthy on the road.

1.Pack the Right Tools

First things first: If you’re going to have any chance of exercising while you are traveling, you need to have the right tools with you. Here’s what I always make sure to bring.

2.Workout cloths

Start by packing your exercise track pant and T shirt. That’s right—you only need one. Choose lightweight workout clothes like DRY fit that will dry fast, hand wash them in the sink, and they’ll be dry by morning. Also pack your running shoes and make sure its lightweight and foldable

3.Yoga Mat 

Pack a mat that weighs just two pounds and folds into a small square. It takes up hardly any room in your suitcase, there are plenty of choices available now for mats from plastic to eco friendly, Give priority to light weight mats.

4.Resistance Band and tubes  

You obviously cant pack weights, but a resistance band will allow you to do lot of exercise and yes it would be challenging . Loop band and pullup bands are best choices for these ,A band with handles in a resistance that will challenge you will give you the most variety.

5.Hire Online personal trainer

Best way to stay motivated is hire online personal trainer from India or Mumbai as it could be flexible and economical option.Plotting out when you’ll actually fit in your workout (and what you’ll do) ahead of time is the key to making sure it happens. Maybe you could hit the gym on a long lunch break between meetings, or, if you have a couple of days that are back-to-back, make time in the morning to go for a run before things get started. I encourage you to add it as an appointment in your calendar. Check and see if your hotel has a fitness center or pool. (If not, you can always run the stairs—pretty much every hotel in America has a staircase!) If you don’t have access to a gym or are crunched for time, you can still get a great workout in your hotel room. There are lots of online apps or personal trainer programs in India that you can do with just the internet,it helps you build a workout that is tailored to your goals, schedule, and preferences, Contact me on 9892848570 for online personal training need from India.

6. Be Active

If you feel like your daily workouts aren’t quite enough to counteract all that sitting you’re doing, try to incorporate extra activity in other ways.For example, walk as much as you can: Rather than sitting and waiting for your plane to board, walk back and forth through the airport. On breaks or after your workday, explore the area surrounding your hotel on foot. And unless you are lugging your suitcase, try to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator whenever possible.

 That’s it, a three-step plan to help you stay fit on the road. Just like any exercise routine, it will take some planning ahead and discipline, but keep the benefits in mind. Staying active will help you combat jet lag and feel better throughout your trip.  Plus, when you arrive home, you won’t have missed a beat in your fitness routine.


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