Around 8 pm at Mumbai Suburbs fitness center, at about to finish my workout, Again happened to notice the same situation where one 50 yr old to confuse over what to do next and another 40 yr old lady waiting behind a treadmill for her turn. Every time I visit these commercial fitness centers all over India, I observe the same mess everywhere,

           Why Indians are not just not happy to join the gym?
Which are the Top 10 mistakes Indian fitness centers do?
What is the major turn off to join fitness centers in India?
Why does freelance personal trainer are your better choice?
How Indian fitness centers are losing their business?
What is like the current condition of the Indian fitness industry?

Major turn off by Indian fitness centers,

1) Too much of personal training selling– This is as bad as you bumped to insurance agent as somebody’s funeral, Gym management is mad about selling personal training package, there are people who cannot afford to hire personal trainers,these people are so badly overlook in gyms in India, it is like offering dinner to only first degree relatives at your wedding,why you invite them then? Whether someone can hire trainer or not, attention is must in place like gym.Logic apply by management behind this is if general training is weak then people will have to hire personal trainer but this is bad marketing idea.


2) Fancy equipment – I never understand concept of importing Pakistani artist and dumbbell in fitness centers.Why? dumbbell is dum’s bell anyway ???? ,even if it is used by Arnold.save that money and invest in staff,it would work. if you spend your budget on equipment how would you hire good staff??


3) Trainer cum sales representative – all trainers want you to sale something that includes supplements,personal training package, even some non-fitness stuff like insurance.Are you trainer or sale representative???.service and marketing has to be different department at any cost in ANY field.


4) Bad hygiene – Most of the time people treat gym equipment like next Sunny leaone,they dont want to leave even if they have bad breath or with bad breath,so educating people is like pipping in sunny leaone dressing room when you have 4 GB collection, so i think it is fitness centers responsibility to clean all seats,mats,steam room etc with Dettol water or disinfection system.


5) Failed to make people special – Have you ever visit 5 star hotel? where everybody is smiling at you irrespective of your Govinda style dressing style,this does not happen at fitness centers at all. Most of the staff look constipated at all given hours.


6) Waiting for gym equipment – India has 1.2 billion population,so it is very easy to fitness centers to get populated, And because of real estate rates are so expensive,facility can not be big enough to serve big number of people at one time, so there is always waiting for equipment.


7) Horribly bad trainers – Talented Indian youth seek security,all die for fixed income and security.Fitness as a profession is still not very accepted for same reason,Fitness training is for passionate people. This profession is not for Tom-Dick-Harry who would just wants to touch women .Most of the trainers work in gyms because they can not do anything else in life.


8) Same old exercise routine – if you ask any fitness center to import any gym equipment across world,they would instantly say yes but if you ask to update the staff by workshops or increase their salary then strictly NO,as we all know in life you pay peanuts you would get monkeys.


9) Lack of dietitian– Diet plays a vital role in achieving in fitness goals.There is always have big clash over school of thought about dieting between trainers and dietitian. Secondly managements/owners does not pay much attention on dietitian’S knowledge update and recruitment as well.Once old dietitian left, very few fitness centers refills dietitians immediately.


10) Fitness center owners – There are very few owners who themselves are into exercise of any kind. So they do not understand what is like to be exerciser,secondly they do not dare to hire someone from outside consultant like us to run the who is professional enough………….Apart from these there are other client’s personal reason eg self body consciousness are too there to avoid commercial going to gyms but nevertheless above reason just specifies mistakes done by gym owners in India specifically.

Note – Yeah i want to hurt only those who practice this.

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