Wellness is now a worldwide interest. People from literally all around the world started to be interested in yoga, which did become a mainstay in modern fitness programs, especially when looking at luxury resorts and hotels. Nowadays, you can enjoy yoga anywhere you would imagine, in a villa in Marbella, on a black sand beach in Santorini, even in a luxury resort around the Grand Canyon.

We see many interesting yoga retreats that are simply incredible. What has to be mentioned is that most of the really luxurious destinations are offering much more than just the possibility of practicing your downward dog while surrounded by serenity, which has to be a priority anyway. The best retreats are placed in locations where the surroundings help you to meditate and make the most out of your yoga getaway.

Most of the destinations that have great sunny weather, tranquil waters and exotic animals are perfect for exploration through diving, hiking, kayaking and biking. This automatically means they are wonderful options for yoga. There are many outdoor yoga retreats that can be mentioned but those below demand a certain level of attention.

Fusion Resort Cam Ranh – Nha Trang, Vietnam

This is a completely inclusive spa resort located on the South-Central coast of Vietnam. Fusion Resort Cam Ranh is focused on serenity, offering a yoga pavilion located in a beautiful outdoor setting, all overlooking a scenic lotus pond. The compound covers 170 square feet. There you can enjoy meditation, Tai Chi and complimentary yoga.

The chief design officer of Fusion Resort is Remco de Hoog. He created this space with the use of a box frame made out of galvanized steel, all perfectly concealed with the use of bamboo cladding. The roof is palm-leaf and traditional bamboo is also utilized. Cho Chi was the material of choice for floor creation. This versatile and strong timber is obtained from Parashorea Chinensis, an evergreen giant tree that is found in southern China and Northern Vietnam. The pavilion is traditional in design, perfectly complementing the relaxing surroundings.

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa – San Diego, California

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa covers 1000 square feet, being a complete open-air paradise, a yoga pavilion that is surrounded by beautiful lush gardens. You will surely love the present floating dock that is meant to be used by the instructor, offering an atmosphere that is Zenlike. The resort’s Yoga Pavilion was designed by TAL Studio’s Todd-Avery Lenahan. This pavilion was placed in a way to look straight towards the creek preserve area of the resort, all idyllically surrounded by triangle palms, Mexican palms, Senegal date palms, oak trees, fruit trees and eucalyptus trees.

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa is a really tranquil space, equipped with various fitness programs you can enjoy, like Ballet Sculpt and Yoga Barre.

Phulay Bay – Krabi, Thailand

Phulay Bay is a Ritz-Carlton reserve. It is perfectly placed on Krabi’s Andaman Sea, Thailand, so you can surely expect white sands all around you. Phulay Bay has a specific pavilion you want to know more about, named Sala Srichan. Mathar Bunnag was the architect responsible for the creation of the pavilion. The choice was to use wood and combine traditional Thai style with modern design. This includes eave gold flower inlays and peaked roofs.

Phulay Bay is incredibly beautiful but the activities that are offered simply make everything even better. For instance, at dusk you can enjoy some candlelight yoga activities.

Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort – Cambutal, Panama

This outstanding yoga resort is placed in a rather small village, in the middle of the jungle, close to Los Buzos Sea. Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort is specialized in really interesting, world-class exercises. Mike Phillips, resort co-owner, is a career building contractor and stonemason. He worked hard to create an open-air yoga experience that faces the sights of the Pacific Ocean. Structure is mostly wood that was locally sourced. This even includes handcrafted wooden blocks for yoga use that was sourced from the local artisans.

San Camp – Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Botswana

The Makgadikgadi Pans National Park in Botswana is already an interesting travel destination that has a lot to offer. If you enjoy yoga, you might want to learn more about it since it is the location of San Camp, a reputable yoga resort. Game drives are offered here, with a focus on desert-adapted species like springbok, gemsbok, brown hyena, wild meerkat and aardvark. If you want to wind down, there is a lovely yoga tent that features a small pool waiting for you. Everything is airy and spacious. You can enjoy any yoga activity you want to without being disturbed.

Vista Celestial – Uvita, Costa Rica

This recommended yoga retreat is placed in the mountains of Costa Rica, at an elevation of 2,000 feet. Vista Celestial is practically placed in a forest area that is just not touched. When you are welcomed as a guest, you learn about enjoying yoga sessions at sunsets or sunrises, all while experiencing the Jungle Yoga Platform. This is a platform that was built right around a tree. You have enough space available to fit 20 people. At the same time, you can enjoy some regular monkey sightings and even the visit of a sloth.

Final Thoughts

These yoga resorts should be those that you first want to learn more about if you are interested in a truly interesting yoga experience that is based on relaxation and meditation. You can obviously choose others but the resorts have to be considered.

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