The following points must be taken into consideration when evaluating/joining a gym:

1.Cost/Membership fees
- does it represent good value for money?

- are they knowledgeable and do they practice what they preach, are they visible & helpful, do they answer my question properly?

- is the gym including changing areas hygienic? how clean is other facilities?

- is there enough in peak hours, is it any good (brand) i.e. do the dumbbells go to at least 100lbs,what is maintenance state?

5.Peak times
- is it crowded or just right?

- is it good or are you surprised if someone says hello to you?

- is there a car park, what about lockers for your clothing and other valuables, is gym responsible for same? Etc?

8.Changing rooms
- are there any, are the showers powerful and hot?

9.Opening hours
- what are they, does it open early and close late, is it open 7 days a week?

10. References
- do you heard about this gym or has anybody recommended this gym?

11.Accessibility from your house
-how far is this fitness center for you?

- is they equip with emergency plan (like CPR)? Do they have in house medical service?

13.Personalized attention
- do they offer personalized training in their premises? Do I have to pay extra for it?

14.Time availability to you
.-do they have separate ladies timings?

- how loud is there music? Do they play fast tracks?

– is that place belonging to gym owner? If not do they have any plan to shift that fitness center in near future?

17.Other amenities
- does the gym have a sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, massage, swimming pool, squash court, tennis court, indoor running track, sports shop (do they sell supplements, clothing etc.), aerobics hall, martial arts, climbing wall etc.


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