Top 10 Common Mistakes in gym setup & Management in India

1) Bad equipments choice-

I rarely come across investor or gym facility owner in India who wants to or focus on buying something out of blue fitness equipments. example when they talk about cardio they limit to treadmill or cross trainer,they never put Stair climber which reduces the space like anything and stands out of other fitness centers .

2) Nothing left for advertisement-

If you are making superhero movie , you cannot spend entire budget on casting , you need money for special effect too, same with fitness center or gym set up and management in India . First you need to understand how would you reach to people once your product is ready.

3) Unnecessary buying certain gym equipments

Putting Machine like Ab crunch machine or Lower back extension machine is pure waste of money as they put un natural stress on  your spinal erectors (the muscles that straighten and rotate the back) and lower back. "The repetitive strain on the spinal erectors is what will lead to disc injury over time. These unwanted unnecessary gym equipments makes unnecessary hole in pocket.

4) Gym flooring

The purchase of athletic flooring can be fussy. With so many different types of gym flooring available, it can be difficult to chose which floor is best suited to your needs. Cleanliness majorly starts with which type of flooring , Right from interlock tiles ,vinyl ,wooden to rubber flooring tiles. When you set up a fitness center in Mumbai or India, I have three criteria to chose flooring for fitness centers 1) cost 2) cleaning staff 3) Usage,example weights area or cardio or yoga area etc

5) Interior of gym fitness center - 

Fitness center falls under service industry, So Fitness center has to grow or should grow on mouth publicity than advertisement, Do not spend too much on interior , it really does not matter to have lavish interior and poor quality service that included but not limited eg-Poor quality fitness equipments, bad fitness trainer, bad hygiene etc

6) Reception area (too big or too small)

 As a gym set up consultant first thing I ask to cut down the reception area. How long your customer stands there for whatever reasons, The real investment you should focus is exercise floor, you need maximum area for services you offer .

7) Choosing a location itself

  Your fitness center location should pass these  points 1) First car parking 2) accessible from entire town or city 3) chose to have minimum pillars for fitness 4) Minimum 3000-5000 sq feet area  

8) Studying demographics

During gym set up, the demographics of target area should be taken into consideration. If your gym serves to 40 plus audience, make sure to choose technologically advanced commercial equipment. If it is a residential project, your gym will be visited by a mixed crowd; therefore, select equipment that can be used by everyone even kids.

9)  Lighting

I would say Lighting is first impression while deciding to join a gym it is also important for keeping users safe and focused.  Poor lighting can make clients feel fatigued or low out while working out. It would be better if you can choose a location with abundant natural lighting or lot of LED bulbs.

10) Layout of fitness center

Make it walkable make it social make it functional ,Hire fitnesssmith Mayur Deshpande fir best layout for your fitness center gym set up services in India.

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