When it comes with weight training women feel more insecure and doubtful than ready to enjoy benefits. Perhaps it is because there are very few certified fitness professionals who practice personal training as a profession. From equipment’s to diet to weight loss programs women faces 100 doubts before weights. I am going to discussed top few in details

1. Am I going to Beef Up if train weights?

This is a HUGE fear for a lot of women. No women cannot beef up just because they lift weights, because beefing up requires presence of more muscle cells and testosterone hormones in body which less in women than men. I assure you weightlifting sculpts those beautiful curves in women body.

 2. Do I need to take supplements?

 If your diet rich in macro and micro nutrient, you don’t need to take any supplements. Supplements means to supply nutrient which diet lacks.

 3.What's the difference between using barbells, dumbbells and machines?

It is same like mother in law, sister in law and female colleague ….. barbells, dumbbells and machines are ways to create resistance, only difference could be machine are relatively safer than barbell and dumbbell, we call them free weights, All are perfect to train with for men and women both.

4.How do i chose right weight for me ?

Its depends on fitness goals, lets imagine your goal is to tone up, doing 3 sets of most exercises should be enough- looking to fail around the 12 to 15 repetition range. That’s right, failure in last 2-3 reps is a good thing when it comes to weight training. Never compromise posture over lifting heavy weights, trust me injuries are bad to face.

5.Cardio is best for women than men

Every exercise offers different benefits. Fitness means strength which comes from weight training, flexibility which come s from Pilates/Yoga and stamina which comes from group dance classes or cardio like running, cycling , so there is no such thing that this exercise is only for men.

6.Will I lost my flexibility and walk like men

No women don’t compromise flexibility when they do weights, weights strengthen your muscles, to improve on flexibility take stretching exercises too along with weights.

7.What is wrong sticking to only one training method eg Zumba

Try to be overall fit than just having only good stamina or only strength or only flexibility. Fitness means strength which comes from weight training, flexibility which come s from Pilates and Yoga and stamina which comes from group dance classes or cardio like running, cycling

8.Which exercise I should avoid

Medical history plays big role here. Best answer to this is customization of workout plan where fitnesssmith can help you. We at fitnesssmith prescribe exercise after studying medical screening, fitness goal, diet, lifestyle etc

9. Is it ok to exercise when Menstruation and workout

Do you stop working on household things, you just go easy so same with exercise when There's no scientific reason you should skip out on your workouts during your period. In fact, there's evidence that exercise can be helpful during this time. Because exercise gives you a natural endorphin (pain killer) hormone high, it can elevate your mood and actually make you feel better. You may reduce intensity.

10. Am I too old to lift weights

You are never too old to start your fitness regime. Women at any age should lift weight in perfect manner or posture. Of course the ranges of motion and the weights used are likely to be smaller for older clients, but they still can and should lift weights. As we get older we lose both muscle and bone mass and lifting can slow or even reverse that.

                 Weight training is important for women for 3 main reasons. 1) muscle Strength. It is best way to get long, lean, defined muscles is to hit the weights. Any woman you’ve looked at and thought to yourself “she has nice arms”, or “look at her figure” probably trains weight. 2) Bosting metabolic rate -Weight training boosts your metabolism. The more muscle you have, the more calories per day your body burns at rest. 3) Strong bones/prevention of osteoporosis -  I know, 70 % women complain about some or other kind of joint pain, keeping up on weight bearing activities like weight training significantly increases your bone density. Thus, building up your resistance to osteoporosis developing in the future. 


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