Top 10 Reasons you should hire Personal trainer in Mumbai at any cost

Hi I am mayur Deshpande, I work as a freelance personal trainer in south Mumbai. The word guru in sanskrit means who removes darkness who helps or eases the task with his knowledge, experience and skill. Personal trainer helps you in numerous task. Some may want motivational talk during workout so they can get in shape while others simply need to be held accountable for progress. In City like Mumbai personal trainer leads you to next level. If you have a personal trainer in city like Mumbai, You do not need to sweat for small stuff. Here are top 10 reasons

1) Got stuck in progress

Most of the time people stuck in their fitness progress, they need personal trainer to break plateau and go ahead to achieve what they want.

2) Right guidance for exercise posture

Certified personal trainer makes big difference over non qualified fitness trainer ,biggest difference is knowing all muscles and its kinesiology(respective movements).He is the right person to supervise and correct exercise posture.

3) Your exercise schedule is boring

It looks easy but extremely difficult to plan a exercise schedule which has challenge plus fun.At a time we stick to same exercise regime for months, and we really dont know how to sequence the exercise and its schedule. Same old schedule makes exercise very boring and that leads to lapses. Fitness personal trainer makes exercise very interesting with new exercises.

4) Do not know how to make it fun

This may sound impossible but experience fitness trainer in Mumbai can make exercise a real fun. Yes he can make it happen by adding balance to exercise, adding active recovery technique or circuit training etc.

5) Time management

City like Mumbai we do not have a much of time to exercise as travelling takes big toll on our family life. We have little time to devote on fitness. certified personal trainer in Mumbai can make exercise short and sweaty too at the same time.

6) Special medical condition

According to WHO survey 40 % of Indian exercise population exercise with some or other diseases starts from lower back pain to life threatening diseases like cancer. There you need to exercise under guidance of experienced trainer to make your exercise effective without aggravating the pain or condition.

7) You get bore to exercise alone

There are few people who just get bore to exercise alone, they just need someone to be with them when they exercise. And if that person is qualified personal trainer then there is nothing better than that.


8) You have insecurity about your appearance

Obsess or underweight people have insecurity about their physical appearance, they need personal trainer who can make them feel secure or protect from bulling or remarks from other people.

9) Who knows fitness psychology

like sports psychology fitness too has psychology which needs to be apply on gym floor, you need an expert eye to practice that.that comes with experience.

10) Empathy

Personal trainer will always have empathy towards your failure and success, he exactly knows what it feels to get fail towards lifestyle change and what needs to be done to fix it.



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