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Bhastika Pranayam


Sanskrit meaning of bhastika is bellows of bhastika pranayam purak(inhale) and rechaka(exhale) is done rapidly like bellow of blacksmith,act of rechaka(exhalation) is more foreceful and quick,compared to purak(inhalation), which rather slow and less forceful.


Bhastika Pranayam
Purpose -
To make breathing organs work like bellows of blacksmith.
Required resources - mat
Sit in any comfortable meditation asana, preferably padmasana, ardha padmasana or vajrasana, with the hands resting on the knees.
Keep the head and spine straight. Close the eyes and relax the whole body.
Left nostril: Close the right nostril with the thumb. Breathe in and out forcefully, without straining, through the left nostril 10 times. Count each breath mentally. The abdomen should expand and contract rhythmically with the breath. The pumping action should be performed by the abdomen alone. Do not expand the chest or raise the shoulders. The body should not jerk. There should be a snuffing sound in the nose but no sound should come from the throat or chest. After 10 respirations, breathe in deeply through the left nostril keeping the right nostril closed. Fill the lungs as much as possible, expanding both the chest and abdomen. Close both nostrils and hold the breath inside. Retain the breath for a few seconds.Exhale through the left nostril.
Right nostril: Close the left nostril and breathe in and out forcefully 10 times through the right nostril, counting each time.
Inhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril.Close both nostrils and hold the breath inside.
Retain the breath for a few seconds. Breathe Out slowly through the right nostril.
Both nostrils: now check with which side of nose is working,Open the none working nostril by lifting that nostril by thumb and index finger. Breathe in and out forcefully through both nostrils 10 times, mentally counting each time. Inhale slowly and deeply through both nostrils.
Close both nostrils and retain the breath for a few seconds.
Breathe out slowly through both nostrils together.
Breathing through the left, the right and both nostrils, as above, forms one complete round.
Benefits -
By doing this pranayam,all the three(vat,cough,pitta) health problems(doshas) are maintained in a balanced state.
It helps to awaken kundalini energy(subtle energy) of body.
This pranayam helps to lose weight,by increasing metabolic rate.
This pranayam burns up toxins and improves immune system.
Under proper guidance it is very useful for asthmatic people,by increasing oxygen level in blood.
Person with hypertension,(not operated) hernia ,gastric ulcer,stroke and heart problem should not practice this pranayam.
If you feel suffocation,stop the pranayam immediately.
It requires lots of calories,so beginners may do it with interval.
Wait atleast three-four after meal before starting pranayama,because food in stomach places pressure on diaphragm and lungs.