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Butcher's Broom

What is butcher's broom?


It is beneficial bacteria. However, contrary to normal thinking, not all bacteria cause harm or are bad for us. Some of them are good and one of them is acidophilus. Many factors decrease the number of good bacteria that live and work in the gastrointestinal tract and protect us from harmful disease-causing bacteria, aging, alcohol, antibiotics, diet deficiencies, drugs, medications, narcotics, nicotine, and stressful living. Food is digested in the alimentary canal, mouth and stomach, and finally in the intestines.
In the intestines, partially-digested food is metabolized by millions and millions of microorganisms (good bacteria), working simultaneously and synergistically. If there is too small a colony of good bacteria, such as acidophilus digestion can be impaired, we can not get full nutritional value from foods,fewer key vitamins will be synthesized and the immune system may be rendered less effective .Acidophilus can be found in some quality yogurts and other traditional foods naturally. It is often added to milk or sold as a capsule, which contains one or more of the following bacteria which aid in digestion: -Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus bulgaricus Bifidobacterium bifidum and Streptococcus thermophilus .Only L. acidophilus is the true acidophilus strain, but many producers (mainly in the US) use it as a more generic name for mixtures of bacteria, one of which is L. acidophilus.

What is the effective dosage of acidophilus supplementation?

Dosages vary based upon reason for use; consult your physician for guidance. Be sure that the acidophilus supplements you purchase contain live "active" cultures, and that there are 1-2 billion organisms per capsule if taking pill form. Check the expiration date, and store it in the refrigerator, as freezing or hot temperatures may harm the live cultures.

What are the benefits of acidophilus supplementation?

• Acidophilus is beneficial bacteria which aids in digestion and absorption of food.
• It Keeps constipation and diarrhea under control.
• It stops constipation.
• It reduces of bad breath.
• It reduces an accumulation of gas in stomach.
• It may control Cholesterol levels by promoting normal absorption of dietary fats.
• It suppresses a number of intestinal disorders.
• It may help to prevent colon cancer.
• It also counteracts acne.
• It also prevents vaginal yeast infections, mouth yeast infections, and urinary tract infections (UTI).

What are the side effects of acidophilus supplementation?

A side effect of acidophilus supplementation is rare. If you experience any side effects, discontinue the use and consult your doctor.
• Remember that acidophilus products aren't effective unless they're manufactured, packaged, and stored properly. Some manufacturers require refrigeration of their products.
• Lactose intolerant (inability to digest milk sugar) people should not take acidophilus, or at the very least, consult their doctor first before doing so.