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What is Chromium?

Chromium is a mineral. It is an essential mineral. Its main function is to work with the hormone, insulin, to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It aids in glucose metabolism, regulation of insulin levels, and maintenance of healthy blood levels of cholesterol and other lipids. Chromium forms part of a compound in the body known as glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which is involved in regulating the actions of insulin in maintaining blood sugar levels and, possibly, in helping to control appetite. Food sources include brewer's yeast, whole grain cereals, broccoli, prunes, mushrooms and beer. The most widely available supplements are chromium salts such as chromium polynicotinate, chromium picolinate and chromium chloride - which help increase the absorption and availability compared to isolated chromium.

Why chromium Picolinate?

Researchers found that when chromium is bound to picolinic acid, the absorption is significantly improved. Picolinic acid is a natural metabolite found in breast milk, believed to help babies better absorbs the minerals found in mother's milk. The addition of picolinic acid to a chromium molecule results in a complex called chromium picolinate. Although there are other forms of dietary chromium available to consumers, research suggests that chromium picolinate is a safe and more effective form of chromium.

What is the effective dosage of chromium supplementation?

The effective dosage of chromium is 200 to 600 mg per day.

What are the benefits of chromium supplementation?

• Chromium reduces obesity in number of ways,
-It reduces sugar craving.
-It increases your total lean mass which in turn speeds up your metabolism and burn additional fat.
-It helps insulin to do its job.
• Chromium reduces the risk of heart problems, because insulin functions and obesity are major risk factor for heart problems.
• It is indispensable for controlling non insulin-dependant (Type-2) diabetes. It may also beneficial for Type-1.
• One of the major factors of aging is high blood sugar; chromium regulates blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity of muscle cell.
• It also reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol.

What are side effects of chromium supplementation?

All research claimed that side effects of chromium are rare. It is safe for all ages. Very high dosage may lead to hypoglycemia(low bloodsugar level)
Cautions -
• Avoid taking it immediately after intense physical exercise to avoid hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Since chromium supplements may change the way your body handles sugar, talk to a doctor before using them if you have diabetes or use insulin