Mayur Deshpande
  Personal trainer in Mumbai

I am the luckiest to have clients like you, who helped me to make my passion into my profession, Thank you.

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Mayur Deshpande uses a very systematic, detailed and personal fitness system to design my training and nutrition plans.

Shashikant Bhatnagar



I can honestly say for the first time in my life, I am actually enjoying exercise!Mayur is a constant pillar of support

Barkha Menghani

Business manager , SAP India


Mayur Sir rocks,First thing about him is his workout not fix unlike other trainer,he has very creative mind in exercise.

Dr.Shalini Gore



I lost 15 kg in 5 months under his guidance. It is just great to have him as a trainer and motivator.

Dr.Charuta Mandke



Mayur is awesome personal trainer in Mumbai, he is simply wonderful trainer.

Sunila Patil

CEO Veena World


I would highly recommend Mayur deshpande for personal training.

Naveen Joshi

CEO Allerin

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MAYUR DESHPANDE is best yoga trainer in mumbai i ever come across in life. He is just amazing, Good luck to him.

Ravi Vazirani

Owner R V Design Studio

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Since training with Mayur, I’ve run two marathons, lost weight, gained muscle and had a lot of fun! He is a dedicated personal trainer.

Amit Khandelwal

Vice president Sap India

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I could not recommend Mayur sir more highly. Having spent months training with another so called celebrity PT and seeing no results, as well as trying other methods of weight loss and body image therapy without success, Finally I put my happiness into Mayur's hands as a last resort,It worked for me.

Raju shetty

Cake Shop Owner,cakelicious

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I still remembered his first world" if you want this to work then take your fitness as a lifestyle". He is very kind person he knows exactly when to dial up and when to dial down.

Dr.Varshav Gore


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Mayur deshpande was wonderful, but also inventive, knowledgeable, fun, and very good at what he does. He built on what I was already doing and added new things, noticing closely where I most needed work.

Namrata More


Vishrut tripathi

Gained Muscles weight and able to take fitness as a lifestyle thank you mr .Mayur deshpande.

Vishrut tripathi

CEO Vishrut Constructions

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Mayur is incredibly knowledgeable, kind nature and dedicated person to his profession, I highly recommend him.

Anita Patel

Wedding Guru Tania Tapel

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I have been training under Mayur sir for personal training since November 2010. I always really look forward to my training sessions.

Ishan Goenka

CEO Suashish Diamonds

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My Chronic neck pain disappeared only and only because of Mayur deshpande,hats off to him

Milind malve

MD Alumayer

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I always hated the gym, so when Mr.Mayur suggested we try exercising without equipments, I was keen to give it a go even though I had no intention to take it as a lifestyle.But thank you to make me lose without gym equipments.

Aradhana Shah

Interior desginer