Mayur Deshpande
  Personal trainer in Mumbai
YogaTypes of Yoga

Physical Exercise


1) The starting position-Stand straight with the feet shoulder width apart.Extend the arms behind the back and interlock the fingers.
2) Bend forward from the hips while simultaneously raising the arms behind the back as high as possible without strain.
3) Use your arms as level and accenturate the stretch given to the shoulders and chest muscles.
4) Look forward as far as possible ,so that the face is parallel with the floor.
5) Remain in the final position for 10 seconds and return to the upright position.
Inhale while stadining erect and when returning to the upright position.exhale as you bend forward.
1) This asana stretches the hamstring,lower back ,shoulder and chest muscles.
2) It helps to improve concentration.
3) It improves balance.