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What is Evodiamine?

Evodiamine is a bioactive alkaloid extract from a plant called Evodiae Fructus. in the family of Rutaceae. Although evodia is native to northern China and Korea, it is cultivated as an ornamental landscaping plant in many other places in the world, due to its attractive. This is a Chinese herb named Wu-Chu-Yu that Chinese herbalist have used for centuries as a weight loss supplement. No known human studies have been published to date. The fruits from evodia are small and reddish when they appear in August, and darken to black by November. When evodia fruits are not yet starting to get darken, they are harvested for medicinal purposes.
The Chinese literature refers to Evodia fruits as a "hot nature" herb.

What is the effective dosage of Evodiamine supplementation?

Since there have been no human studies done, the recommended dosage can not be determined.

What are the benefits of Evodiamine supplementation?

• Evodiamine stimulates the vanilloids to reduce the uptake of fat and increase the natural rate of burning fat.
• It has thermogenic effect,that's to increased body's core temperature.
• In traditional Chinese medicine to treat pain in the upper abdomen, as well as pain associated with abdominal.
• It may have mild diuretic effect.

What are the side effects of Evodiamine supplementation?

There are no clinical studies (human) are available to date about side effects associated with Evodiamine supplementation.
• Consult your physician before taking evodiamine.