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What is gelatin?

Gelatin is a protein product, manufactured by partial hydrolysis of collagen found in bones, hooves connective tissue and skin of the animals. Gelatin is also known as Hydrolyzed collagen protein (HCP). According to material, production method and quality, the gelatin products include edible gelatin, medicinal gelatin, Industrial gelatin, bone glue and photo gelatin, the low viscosity and low ash industrial gelatin for extraction of hydrolysis macromolecule animal protein, and the industrial gelatin for feedstuff additives.For decades, gelatin has been touted as a good source of protein.Although gelatin is 98-99% protein by dry weight; it has less nutritional value than many other protein sources. Gelatin is unusually high in the non-essential amino acids glycine and proline, (i.e., those produced by the human body).

What is the effective dosage of gelatin supplementation?

The effective dosage of gelatin is 10 grams per day.

What are the benefits of gelatin supplementation?

• Gelatin rebuilds cartilage and bones.
• It speeds injury repair of tissue.
• It may promote tissue recovery following exercise.

What are the side effects of gelatin supplementation?

Gelatin is very safe; they are no known side effects of gelatin. More clinical research is required to establish all aspects of gelatin as supplement.
• Due to mad cow disease, also known as " Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)", and its link to the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), there has been much concern about using gelatin derived from possibly infected animal parts.