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What is glucosamine?

Glucosamine (C6H14NO5) is an amino sugar that is an important precursor in the biochemical synthesis of glycosylated proteins and lipids. It is made in our body from two molecules of hydrogen, nitrogen and glucose. It is sued for the production of a group of compounds called glycosaminoglycans, which are needed to make cartilage and build strong connective tissue throughout the body. There are several types of connective tissue cartilage, tendons, ligament, intervertebral disc, pads between joints. It is usually derived from shellfish; those allergic to shellfish may wish to avoid it. It is probably safe even for those with shellfish allergy Since glucosamine is derived from the shells of these animals while the allergen is within the flesh of the animals and secondly allergies are caused by proteins in shellfish, not chitin, a carbohydrate from which glucosamine is extracted. It also can be derived from trachea of cows.Glucosamine sulfate is often used in combination with another supplement, chondroitin .research ahs proved that 30 % of oral glucosamine supplementation is retained so that body can alter synthesize more connective tissue.

What is the effective dosage for glucosamine sulphate?

Athletes typically use 500 to 1500mg per day during preseason and season to promote healing and prevent injury. If you want to take it for treating your joint pain (osteoarthritis)it is safer to consult doctor.

What are the benefits of glucosamine sulphate supplementation?

Glucosamine plays various roles in life of healthy connective tissue, helps to reduce joint pain, Increase lubrication of the joint, Stimulate cartilage matrix repair Inhibits enzymes that breakdown cartilage, Also has Anti-inflammatory actions, therefore it is used in treating osteoarthritis. It aids in making joint healthy.

What are the side effects of glucosamine sulphate?

There appear to be no adverse effects associated with taking glucosamine or chondroitin supplements. You may, however, experience some mild side effects, such as an upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, and indigestion. But this is not possible at moderate dosage. Since it is derived from shellfish ,to be on safer side , People who are allergic to shellfish should watch out for the glucosamine sulfate supplementation. Allergic(to shellfish) people can try glucosamine derived from trachea of cows.
• Children, women who are pregnant, and women who could become pregnant should not take these supplements. They have not been studied long enough to determine their effects on a child or on a developing fetus.
• Because glucosamine is an amino sugar, people with diabetes should check their blood sugar levels more frequently when taking this supplement.
• If you are taking chondroitin sulfate in addition to a blood-thinning medication or daily aspirin therapy, have your blood clotting time checked more often. This supplement is similar in structure to the blood-thinning drug heparin, and the combination may cause bleeding in some people.
• Although allergies are caused by proteins in shellfish, not chitin, a carbohydrate from which glucosamine is extracted, to be on safer side it is better to avoid it.