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Gotu Kola

What is Gotu Kola?


Gotu kola is a vine-like plant native to India Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and South Africa. In India and Indonesia, gotu kola has a long history of use to promote wound healing and treat skin diseases. In Europe, extracts of Centella asiatica are used as drugs for the treatment of wound healing defects. Gotu kola should not be confused with Kola nut - which is completely unrelated and is often used in dietary supplements as a "natural" source of caffeine.
The primary benefits of Gotu kola appear to be an enhancement of wound healing and an improvement in overall vein function. It was also used for centuries in China to improve mental function, and is today a popular supplement for that purpose.Gotu kola contains triterpenoids, compounds that have been shown to aid in wound healing. You can buy gotu kola in pill form, ointment, liquid, or tea leaves.

What is the effective dosage of Gotu kola supplementation?

The effective dosage is 60-180 mg/day, usually consumed in divided doses. It is important to look for an extract standardized to contain triterpene compounds - typically 30-40% and including asiaticoside, asiatic acid, madecassic acid, and madecassoside (these compounds typically occur at only 1-4% in the whole herb).Taking gotu kola for longer than six weeks is not recommended. Anyone wishing to use it for the long term should take a two-week break after ingesting it for six weeks.

What are the benefits of Gotu kola supplementation?

• Gotu kola helps prevent Varicose Veins/Hemorrhoids.
• It helps heal Scars/Burns/Wounds.
• It reduces Skin Inflammation and Skin Wrinkles (smoother skin).
• It improves Memory and Circulation.
• It promotes restful Sleep and Increases Energy levels.

What are the side effects of Gotu kola supplementation?

It is very safe and they are no side effects of gotu kola supplementations.