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Yoga General Guidelines

General guidelines by yogis

  • Yogic discipline/aspects says food should be eaten in a calm,quite mood and not when irritated or is important to meditate or to say prayer before food.
  • Yoga can be practiced after age of seven.
  • Yoga is a discipline or lifestyle,it is not exercise.
  • It is not possible to cure any diseases with yoga, but yoga's 8 sutras may help to delay the health issues.
  • It is impossible to cure diseases like cancer or aids with yoga, there is no such scientific or ancient base for it.
  • Out of eight Yoga aspects/limbs, especially pranayam is knife (you can cut vegetable with it as well as your body), Increase the pranayam repetition very gradually.
  • Do not perform advance and balancing asanas without proper guidance.
  • Perform yoga asanas on an empty stomach at least two hours after eating.
  • Remove all jewelry and tight clothing.
  • It advisable to perform asanas and pranayam before breakfast since at that time vitality is at its highest and muscles are relaxed.
  • Always practice asanas and pranayam in a quiet and well ventilated place which is free from pollution and dust.
  • While performing yoga asanas/poses, movement should be performed slowly, rthymically and without any jerk.
  • Yoga advocates only vegetarian food.
  • Before enrolling for yoga class always request to attend the trial batch.some yoga types are only for people with good flexibility. try to judge your flexibility level.
  • Avoid yoga exercise at least 4-5 months after surgery.
  • When yoga was developed shoes were not available, so do not wear shoes while practicing yoga asanas.
  • If possible bath before practicing yoga asanas.
  • Avoid competition in yoga classes.
  • Do not continue yoga asanas which causes pain.