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OLD AGE (For senior citizens)

Human beings can live longer due to modern medicine and health promotion activity. But what us the quality of life is an individual ability to perform activities of daily living, such as dressing, walking and eating. The fact is that many age related declines occurs not because f the aging process itself, but also a result of our lifestyle habits, including exercise. By increasing your strength and flexibility, you can prevent injury and slow down the age related less of muscle. According to exercise guide from the national institute aging, older people f different physical conditions have much t gain from exercise and staying physical active. They also have much to lose if they stay inactive.

Exercise guidelines for older adults

• Older adults should first see their physician before starting an exercise program.
• Older adults generally display higher blood pressure reading during submaximal and maximal exercise.
• Muscle percentage declines with age, body fat increases, and the changes in the body composition resulting from age are primarily due to a decrease in muscle mass, basal metabolic rate and lack of physical activity.
• Exercise does not make you live longer, but makes you feel longer, exercise can help older adults feel better and enjoy independent life. Older adult should concentrate on resistance training, cardio activity, balancing exercise and flexibility; increase the exercise intensity very gradually.
• Donot hold your breath and exhale when you exert.
• If you feel any of the following symptoms consult your physician chest pain, irregular heart beat, hernia, infection, severe shortness breath.
• Choose exercise mode which is fun for you, suits your needs and that you can continue for longer time.
• Wear comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate f0r the temperature, humidity and activity.
• Drink water before after and during exercise t maintains hydration.
• Avid unsupported forward flexion (bending at hip).
• Proceed step by step and start with simple exercise;