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Horse Chestnut

What is horse chestnut?


Horsechestnut is a plant,in the family N.O. Sapindaceae. It is a native of northern and central parts of Asia, from which it was introduced into England about the middle of the sixteenth century. The trunk of the tree is very erect and columnar, and grows very rapidly to a great height, with widely spreading branches. The bark is smooth and greyishgreen in colour.
The seeds of the horse chestnut contain a chemical known as aescin, which in clinical studies has been reported to promote increased blood circulation. In dietary supplements, it is also known as "Aesculus hippocastanum," "Escin" or "Aescin" and sometimes by its German name, "Rosskastanie." Aescin purportedly is able too promote blood circulation through the veins by increasing the tone in the walls of the veins, whereby enabling blood to flow unrestricted.

What is the effective dosage of horse chestnut supplementation?

The effective dosage is 100 to 200 mg per day.

What are the benefits of horse chestnut supplementation?

• Horse chestnut prevents / treats varicose veins.
• It reduces swelling in the legs.
• It strengthens wall of veins.
• It also has anti-inflammatory effects.

What are the side effects of chestnut supplementation?

They are no reported side effects associated with chestnut supplementation in moderation.