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Ipriflavone or 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone

What is Ipriflavone?


Ipriflavone is a synthetic substance derived from plant isoflavone genistein. Genistein is found primarily in soya in the form of genistin but can be found in smaller amounts in other plants. Ipriflavone was originally brought to the attention of the bodybuilding world by Patrick Arnold. Ipriflavone occurs in trace amounts in some soy sauces. Although ipriflavone is sometimes classified as a phytoestrogen, it has no direct estrogenic activity.

What is the effective dosage of Ipriflavone supplementation?

The recommended serving size of 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone so far is anywhere from 1 g to 2 g (for athletes) taken in a split dosage twice throughout the day. Ipriflavone is recommended to be taken in the range of 250mg to 1250mg per day in divided doses.

What are the benefits of Ipriflavone supplementation?

• Ipriflavone may be indicated to help prevent and reduce bone loss. It may also help relieve bone pain associated with osteoporosis.
• These powerful flavones have been shown to decrease cortisol levels, increase protein/nitrogen synthesis, and improve overall recovery from exercise.
• It also increases cardiovascular (stamina) capacity.
• It also helps to build muscle.

What are the side effects of Ipriflavone supplementation?

Mild gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea have been reported.
(Most of the studies associated with Ipriflavone are done on animals)
• Ipriflavone should be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers. Those taking theaphylline should be aware of an interaction with ipriflavone causing higher theophylline levels.
• It has a relatively poor absorption rate. One interesting study in the American Journal of Therapeutics noted that the bio-availability of Ipriflavone was 8 to 20 times greater when taken on a full stomach than when taken alone on an empty stomach. It was further noted that the bio-availability was greater still when the Ipriflavone was taken on an empty stomach and combined with corn oil. Although any oil will do, bodybuilders would be better served to substitute flax oil for the corn oil instead.

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