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Juniper Berry

What is Juniper Berry?


Juniper is an evergreen tree, grows mainly in the plains regions of Europe as well as in other parts of the world. Juniper belongs to the pine family (Cupressaceae).The Juniper plant with the botanical name of Juniperus communis. It is also known as Baccae juniperi, Juniperus communis, Juniperi fructus, juniper berry, common juniper, ginepro, genievre, zimbro, enebro. The Juniper is a small, evergreen coniferous shrub or small tree that can grow up to 10 feet in height. Common Juniper has needle-like leaves in whorls of three; the leaves are green, with a single white stomatal band on the inner surface. The bark is reddish-brown and the leaves are light green on one side, dark green on the other three sides, and needle-like.
The active constituents of juniper berry include volatile oil, calcium, cadinene, carbohydrates, chromium, cobalt, copper, wlemene, essential oil (alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, myrcene, sabinene, thujone, limonene), fats, flavonoid glycosides, iron, limonene, magnesium, myrcene, phosphorus, pinene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, potassium, protein, resin, sesquiterpenes (caryophyllene, cadinene, elemene), tannins, terpene alcohols, 4-terpineol, thujone, tin, vitamin C, and wax. Juniper contains volatile oils, also called essential oils, which possess a characteristic turpentine-like smell and give the plant a bitter taste.

What is the effective dosage of JUNIPER BERRY supplementation?

The usual dosage is of dried juniper berries is 1,000 mg to 2,000 mg daily, divided in two or three doses. Limit use to no more than 6 weeks.

What are the benefits of JUNIPER BERRY supplementation?

• It has been traditionally used as a diuretic, stomachic, and carminative. Applied externally, the oil is a local stimulant.
• It is used as Antiseptic, antitoxic, astringent, and depurative, nervine, parasiticide, sedative, tonic, vulmerary.
• It is used medicinally for urinary infections, for respiratory problems as well as gastro-intestinal infections. It helps expel the build-up of uric acid in the joints and is employed in gout, rheumatism and arthritis.
• It is also used for indigestion and digestive disorders such as belching, heartburn, and bloating, as well as menstrual problems and diabetes.
• It may relieve gastrointestinal complaints that are related to low stomach acid levels by promoting the secretion of stomach acid

What are the side effects of JUNIPER BERRY suplementation?

Excessive applications (greater than the amounts listed above) may cause kidney irritation. Side effects of juniper overdose include diarrhea, purplish urine, blood in the urine, kidney pain, intestinal pain, elevated blood pressure, and a quickened heartbeat.
• Juniper should not be applied to open wounds
• Topical juniper oil may result in irritation and swelling at the sites where it is applied.
• Pregnant women and women attempting to become pregnant should not use juniper because it may cause uterine spasms and it may decrease fertility.

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