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Karnashudhi (ear purification).

Human ear is an extremely sensitive, complex and specialized sensory organ. The ear is divided into three main sections:1.Outer which gathers sounds like a radar scanner. 2.the middle ear whose gear like assembly of bones amplify the sounds vibrations into electrical impulses, communicates between brain to ear.
Unhygienic condition of the ears may adversely affect the general health of a person and can even lead to certain disorders like vertigo. Ear also requires to be cleaned, to contribute towards overall health of a person.
Ear purification methods

karnapatala runadab
Purpose- To enhance ear-diaphragm function and flexibility.
Required resources -nil
Procedure -
1) Sit comfortably, take a big inhale and exhale slowly and then close the mouth.
2) Immediately close both the nostrils by right hand's thumb and index fingers respectively, thus keeping the breath out.
3) Do swallowing movements without opening the mouth for 4 to 5 times or as per the breath holding out capacity. Repeat for 4-5 times.
Benefits -
1) Enhancement of ear-diaphragm flexibility.
2) Ear drums function efficiently.
Contraindications -
Any unnatural growth of bone, flesh etc, in ear passage, Running ears very delicate ear drums, Ear-ache or swelling in ear passage.

Karnapatala dab parivartan
Purpose- To enhance ear-diaphragm function and flexibility.
Required resources - nil
Procedure -
1) Sit comfortably, with erect spine, close your eyes.
2) Keep your four fingers together and thumb apart of both the hands and place palms on respective ears.
3) Keeping the elbows and arms parallel to the ground.
4) Press the palms and create the positive pressure on ear drums.
5)Immediately thereafter, release the pressure by loosening the palms on ears for creating a negative pressure on ear drums for a movement.
6) Repeat it for 10-15 times.
Benefits -
1) Improves flexibility and function capacity of the ear-diaphragm.
2) Ear-drums function efficiently.
1) Do not create excessive pressure by palms.
2)Do the movements slowly.
Any unnatural growth of bone, flesh, etc. in ear passage, Running ears, Very delicate ear drums, Ear ache or swelling in ear passage.


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