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Health Condition Lower Back Pain

Health Conditions

Lower Back Pain

Lower back injuries translate into millions of lost work days every year and cost almost same amount for medical care. There are four major reasons for lower back pain 1) Herniated disc 2) Spondylolisthesis 3) Accident 4) Degenerative disc diseases.5) Imbalance of strength and flexibility of lower back and abdominal. Poor flexibility of hamstring and hip flexor muscles.

Exercise guidelines for individual with lower back pain

• Exercise should be used as an intervention for uncomplicated mechanical pain when there is no evidence of neurological deficit.
• Exercise for lower back pain client should emphasis on increasing muscular strength and endurance of abdominal and back extensor muscles. And on improving flexibility of pelvic, lumbar and posterior thigh regions.
• Lumber flexion, extension and flexibility exercise should be done daily.
• Lumber disc pressure is generally greatest in the seated position. Individual should stand for few minutes after every 30 minutes in seating position.
• Avoid forward flexion of spine without support, Avoid hyper extending the spine in an unsupported position. Avoid twisting at waist with turned feet, Always bend at the knees when leaning forward.

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