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Nutritional Supplements Library

Meal Replacements(MRP)

What is a meal replacement supplement?

Meal replacements are well-constructed blend of ingredients and pre-packaged powdered mixes that you can mix with water, milk, or juice and then drink in the place of a meal. Meal replacements provide a perfect, compact meal in a packet that may contain recommended amount of protein, fat (some have no fat) & carbohydrates, and also contain a wide array of vitamins and minerals.

What are the benefits of MRP supplementation?

• MRP provides well constructed nutrition.
• You get to choose calorie sources (eg.protein, fats and carbohydrate.) which are appropriate for your aims
• In order to get the same benefits from whole food with required nutrition, you would have to put together a large meal like a chicken breast (protein), a potato for some carbohydrate and a salad for the vitamins six times a day.
• It can be used for various aims that includes weight gain, fat loss and to replace a whole meal.
• They are convenient to use and carry.
• It has measurable amount of nutrients.
• It can be used by space travellers.

What are the side effects of MRP supplementation?

TSide effects with MRP are rare. But it can cause gastric discomfort and constipation. More clinical studies are required to know benefits and side effect associated with it's long term use.
• Always start with small dosages.
• Natural food contains other cofactors which MRP may not have.

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