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Nutrition Metabolic Imbalance

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Metabolic Imbalance

When the tissue building up(anabolism) and tissue braking down(catabolism),an excess of one over the other is metabolic imbalance. Toxemia is one of the result of metabolic imbalance .Old cells are constantly being replaced by new cells and this old cells are toxic and must be removed from your system as soon as possible either by bowel, bladder or skin. Body is building toxemia daily in 2 ways, through normal process of metabolism and by the residue left over from the foods not efficiently utilized and if more toxic waste is build than is eliminated, these toxins are acidic in nature, when there is an acid buildup in the body, the system retains water, to neutralize it, add boat and more weight to body Building of more toxic waste everyday than is eliminated from your body, then is going to be stored in the fatty tissue and the muscles. That is in the thighs, buttocks, abdomine, upper arm.

To remove these toxins from body , detoxification is necessary, Detoxification - Way of healthy weight loss

 Eliminating toxic waste from the system is important to achieve successful permanent weight loss. The elimination of toxic waste can be uncomfortable, but better to have minor discomfort now.
 Eating more fruits on an empty stomach is one of the best method of cleansing of body. Initially it will creat gas and bloat. But this bloating will passes within 2 days, during this process headaches, may feel tired, or may experience loose runny stools i.e diarrhea, this has not a negative effect but positive one on the body. The cleansing aspect of fruit washes impacted fecal matter from the intestinal walls and flushes out of the system in the form of loose stool. It may be uncomfortable but serves a very beneficial purpose . Or have a copious discharge of mucus from your nasal passages. This is not a cold , but your body is merely throwing out the excess toxins that have been built up and stored in the mucous membranes.
 Eating fruits absolutely empty stomach will temporally developes gas and flatulence due to there is an accumulation of food debris and body waste that have built up over the year and permeated the lining of stomach and intestines. But the discomfort due to toxins is depends on how high or low the level of toxicity is in your body. The total elimination of all toxicity from body may take month or years, but within days you will be losing weight and feeling enormously more energetic.

Tips to detox naturally!

Just removed the wrong food from your diet and here is a list of essentials-
• Sugar , excess whole fat dairy products .
• Red meat ,alcohol, tea ,coffea and anything with caffeine.
• All processed and junk food.
• All processed carbohydrates such as bread and pasta.
• Eat raw vegetables, unsweetened fruits juices, brown rice, lean chicken, fish and drink plenty of water. Always remember that eat food in natural form, and the body will take care of itself, and put the minimum of strain on organs.
• Avoid sugar in all forms, honey, fruit juices concentrated, sugar syrup.

Dietary supplements for effctive weight loss

With right vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, we can burn fats and sugar and turn them into energy.
• Fiber-Fiber is very important for weight loss. Fiber provides a sense of fullness, and balances energy level. Dietary sources are green leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetables, daliya, oat bran.
• Vitamin C- It is needed for weight loss detoxification. It is also required for thyroid hormone formation, the important hormone for metabolic regulation and weight loss.
• It is also needed for body to make carnitine- a substance needed for fat burning.
• Dietary sources- all citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, tomato.
• Iron- it is needed to make carnitine in body, It also required to make thyroid hormone. A lack of iron can lower body temperature, which decreases fat burning ability. Menstruating woman may need extra iron when trying to lose weight
• Food sources- dry fruits, fish, poultry, legumes, leafy vegetables.
• Carnitine- Carnitine transport fatty acids to the part of cell that burns them off.
• It is manufactured by body from amino acids lysine and methionine, with help of vitamin c, iron, B3 and B6. Food sources red meat, especially lamb.
• Flaxseed oil- The right fats are essential for healthy weight loss. It produces the hormones necessary for weight loss. Dry skin is a common sign of essential fatty acid deficiency
• GLA- It is a fatty acid that helps stimulate fat burning in the body. It is made by body from fats such as safflower, sunflower, corn oils. magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, are required to make GLA. Food sources of GLA - Black currant seed oil, most economical source is Borage oil.

The hormonal effect of food

• During weight loss program it is very important to select the foods that will help create the right hormonal balance.
• High insulin level or imbalanced prostaglandins makes weight loss very difficult, A lack of fatty acid , consumption of refined carbohydrates, especially sugar which triggers insulin to store fat or imbalance prostaglandin. •
Essential fatty acid are required to create the prostaglandin , that stimulates weight loss. Nuts are excellent source of high quality beneficial fats.

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