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Yoga Types Of Yoga

Physical Exercise

Shoucha (Purity)-

Mouth is a very easy to get infection.infection occuringat the extremity of the root of a tooth or within the tooth itself can cause infection.

Mukhashudhi(mouth purification)

Purpose- to purify the tongue region
Required resources - nil
Procedure -
1)Open the mouth and take out the tongue fully.
2) Keep tips of the three fingers (index, middle and ring) of the right hand at the root of the tongue,keeping small fingerand thumb of that hand apart.
3) Now clean the root region of the tongue by gently cleaning and massaging the said area by moving the above mentioned three fingers in up-down movements
4) For removing the sticky mucus. Cleanse the tongue by doing action for 4-5 times.
This kriya suppose to be done with empty stomach asotherwise due to vomiting sensation,the contents of the stomch may be vomited out.
1)Cleanses the root region of the tongue.
2)Inproves the health of the throat.
3) Helps in produing clear sounds.
4) Helps in proper digestion.
5) Stimulates salivary glands.

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