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Nasikashudhi (nose purification)

Nose is an organ with a dual function ;an organ of the respiratory system and an organ of special sense. The nose is made up of bones and cartilage. Opening of nose is towards the floor,when air enters into the nose three things happens-1.dust and bacteria get caught in nasal secretion and the cilla. 2. Inhaled air is suitably warmed to match the temperature of the lungs and is also humified.3. If inhaled air contains foul or harmful or bad odours, then the air is not taken in.
In yoga right nostril is considered as surya nadi/PINGALA nadi,believes to produces heat in the body,And left nostril is considered as Chandra nadi/IDA nadi cools the body. Following yogic methods will help to purify the NOSE.
Purpose- To clear the nostril passage.
Required resources - jalneti cup/pot, lukewarm (body warm) water, common edible salt, napkin, saline water-add half a teaspoon of salt in half a liter bodywarm water.
Procedure -
1) Stand comfortably, preferably in bathroom.
2) Fill the jalneti cup with saline water, hold the filled cup in the left palm, keeping four fingers outside and thumb towards the body.
3) Hold the cup firmly fixing middle fingers and thumb in the depressions provided on the respective sides of the jalneti cup.
4) Tilt the head and bring the chin towards right side of chest.
5) Insert the spout of the jalneti cup in the left nostril, keep the mouth open and keep breathing through mouth throughout.
6) Raise up the cup slowly taking left elbow up but without changing the position of the head unless the change is absolutely necessary.due to this ,saline water will enter from the left to right side nostril and glide down from it.let the flow of water coming out of right nostril be slow,smooth,continous and uniform.
7) Repeat the above actions, now holding the filled jalneti cup in the right hand for getting the flow of water out from the left nostril.jalneti practice once in a day is enough.
8) To remove remaining water of nostril,it is advisable to perform 50-60 strokes of kapalbhati.
Contraindications -
Blocked Nostrils, salt not to be used if a person is suffering hypetension(only body tem water).

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