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What is nettle?


Nettle is a member of the Urticaceae family (Urtica is from the Latin urere - 'to burn') with about 500 species worldwide; some in the Far East can produce a sting which burns for days. It is a perennial reaching about 1.2 metres in height.The dark green leaves oppose each other on the stem, they are 5 to 15 cm long and 2 to 5 cm wide, serrated and with a tapered end. Tiny stiff hairs on the leaves are hollow enabling them to inject a cocktail including formic acid and histamine which causes a painful rash. This plant is also known as the Bee Nettle, because bees visit it freely for the honey which it provides lavishly.

What is the effective dosage of nettle supplementation?

Follow the instructions on product label.

What are the benefits of nettle supplementation?

Young shoots contain about the same amounts of beta-carotene and vitamin C as spinach and other greens. Leaves from the young plants before they bloom should only be used as after this point they can damage the kidneys.
Is used to treat inflammation of the prostate.
Nettle is anti-asthmatic: the juice of the roots or leaves, mixed with honey or sugar, will relieve bronchial and asthmatic troubles and the dried leaves, burnt and inhaled, will have the same effect.

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