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Omkar Pranayam

The syllable OM is first described as all-encompassing mystical entity in the upnishads,today in all hindu art and all over india,OM can be seen everywhere,a standard sign for Hinduism and its philosophy and mythology. During ancient times,it was written in vertical form and later on it was written horizontally as it is written today.There are identical type of words in other cultures also viz Shalom (Hebrew), Amen (Christen) and Amin (Islam).even it is one word mantra,it is very powerful. Some people believe if mantra is not starting with OM is not complete. According to hindu sankhya philosophy, akash principle was first created and then the first vibration was produced in the form of OM.

Patangali the composer of the yogasutras says OM is a symbol of god,therefore it is reciting om we welcome god.Jain (OM mani padme hum) and baudha(OM mani padme hum) religion also recongnize and respect the divine nature of OM.Yogi Vashishta says we cannot separate mind and prana(force of life/breathing) by ordinary methods. So to control mind/thoughts,to make it more positive you have to control breathing,that you can do it with pranayama and OM chanting. It is advisable to practice pranayama before OM chanting.

You chant om in four different ways.
1. O...M....
2. O..M.....(as much as possible)
3. O...M..
4. O..M...

Those who wish to keep balance in physical and mental health as well as the material gains,should adopt first technique.
Those who wish to improve their voice quality and resonance,should adopt second technique.
Those who wish to improve physical health should practice third technique.
Those who wish to get spiritual benefits should adopt fourth techniques.

Benefits of regular om chanting
1) All the nerves and other channels in the body are cleaned and purified.
2) OM chanting helps to build resonance in your voice,which is required for actors and dubbing artist.
3) Clinical studies has proven that om can reduce stress related hypertension.
4) It also helps to improve memory & concentration at all ages.
5)It also helps to glow your face.
6) It gives you extraordinary spiritual enlightenment.
Om chanting also helps in overcoming all the obstacles on the peth of self realiation,which arise because of waywardness of mind.

Practice guidelines/notes-
1) Om chanting should be rhythmic and slow.
2) While chanting om ,irrational pause,frequent breaks,change in pith should be strictkly avoided.
3) The forehead and facial muscles should be wrinkle free during o chanting.
4) One should try to feel happiness within before chanting om.
5)At the beginning one should take a deep breath and then should start exhaling with opening mouth in "O" shape and pronounce "O",Slowly tapering it into "M" and continuing it as long as the breath this process the abdominal wall starts gradually going inward,to expel the maximum amount of air from the the end of OM ,one should notice that the abdominal wall has gone in completely and is fully contracted state.

How to type 'om" on your computer?
To get OM symbol on your computer screen,open MS word,choose Wingdings font and then type backslash(),you will get .

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