Mayur Deshpande
  Personal trainer in Mumbai
Yoga Types Of Yoga

Physical Exercise


1) Sit with legs outstretched and the feet together. Bend the knees and bring them to the chest ,keeping the feet flat on the floor. Bend the arms and place the fists outside the knees. Focus the gaze at fixed point at eye level. Lean backwards, simultaneously straightening and raising the arms and legs.
2) Keep the fist above the knees and the spine straight. Raise the legs as high as possible.
3) The whole body should be balance on the buttocks. Maintain the final position for few seconds and then slowly return to the starting position in reverse order. This is one round.
1) It tones and strengthens the abdominal muscles, improves balance and confidence, and stretches the backs of the legs.
2) It stimulates the kidneys, thyroid and prostate glands, and intestines
3) It helps relieve stress
4) It improves digestion
Person with following problems/conditions should not perform this asanas - Diarrhea ,Heart Problems ,Insomnia ,Low blood pressure ,Menstruation ,Pregnancy and neck injury

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