Mayur Deshpande
  Personal trainer in Mumbai

My Fitness Psychology

Genetically Humans are still caveman, we suppose to hunt for a food, protect our self and save extra food as a fat out of scarcity of food. But thanks to human intelligence we are so modern that the average person may not need to struggle for food or protection from predators. But Same modern lifestyle is taking toll on humans that is where fitness and diet come in to picture to enhance one’s general health and fitness. To stay fit, we have to create artificial calorie expenditure called Fitness.

"Fitness as a lifestyle will not work in your favor if you take it as an educational degree/diploma."

Even if you achieve your desire body weight or your health goals you have to be consistent because caveman genetics loves to store extra ingested calories out of scarcity of food.

For me there are two types fitness

1) Cosmetic fitness 2) Real fitness both are independent. Real fitness means man/woman is fit with good strength, stamina, good flexibility and body composition/fat percentage. Always Opt for the second type where fat loss is by product and having healthy lifestyle and permanent lifestyle change is the real fitness goal.

I follow 5 disciplines while training my clients

  • My Exercise prescription steps - My exercise prescription is base on these five points which are Medical History - fitness assessment results - time Availability- fitness comfort -Fitness goal, this helps me to custom an exercise program.
  • Keep fitness goals realistic - I do not recommend extreme /too fast /sudden changes/unrealistic goals because it does not work as a lifestyle. Brain and Body consider sudden changes(fitness and diet) in lifestyle as a shock and rebels ,so no sudden changes.
  • Develop Patience- I help to develop patience for lifestyle change. Your are changing your lifestyle not T-shirt or Car, it would test you, Have patience.
  • Anticipate lapses/brakes/vacation - I prepare my clients fitness plan with anticipating obstacles/lapses/travel breaks, Do not expect smooth roads in fitness journey, be prepare under me.
  • Motivation - I am your 'personal" fitness trainer at home, The clue is in my title and I should be called as your ‘personal’ trainers for a reason. My responsibility is to help you when you are low, when you are stuck, when your are bored with same exercise regime. You do not have any escape when someone like me motivate you. My job is to make you feel motivated to follow a healthy lifestyle and I love my job.
  • My Training Techniques

  • People often say fitness motivation does not last ,neither does bathing that is why we recommend it daily. Hire me to keep motivating you daily, I have 15 yrs of rich experience as a personal trainer in Mumbai in fitness training, yoga training with thesefitness qualifications.

"God's one of the most intelligent creation human
indeed are not programmed to live obese
Take a look at animal kingdom,
so to respect god, STAY FIT."