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Saptapathashudhi (throat purification)

The neck has a vast frontal throat region where seven channels meet each other.viz the food passage and air passage,two channels coming from both the ears,two channels coming from both nostrils and oral passage.this junction is guarded by the gland called this tube like structure of the neck,very important body parts are located.following jivha bandha will help to improve health of throat.
Jivha bandha ( tongue block)
Purpose - to improve the health of throat.
Required resources - nil
Procedure -
1) Sit in any meditative position(vajrasana,padmasana,ardha-padmasana),keeping the palms on respective thighs,keeping the back straight.
2) Open the mouth,press the tip of the tongue against the upper front teeth. Let the entire tongue touch the palate, the left and right sides of the tongue should be kept touching the respective inner sides of the gums.
3) With the tongue still sticking to the roots of the upper teeth, open the mouth wide, with upper lip up and lower lip down, exposing the upper and lower teeth.
4) Breath normally through the nose only and not through mouth which is kept open in this bandha. Maintain this final position of jivha bandha for 3-5 breaths or as per one's capacity.
5) Thereafter release of tongue lock and close the mouth.
1) This bandha regulates blood pressure.
2) Improve the function of thyroid and para-thyroid gland.
3) Heaviness of tongue is eliminated.
4) This bandha also helps to minimize stammering.
5) The salivary glands functions improves.
Contraindications -

Pain in jaws, painful swelling or irritation in the throat region.
Jivha bandha
1)Practice this before mirror.
2) Those who use dentures should practice this bandha after removing dentures.
3) The tongue should not be tied at the soft palate, the tip of the tongue should be pressed against the roots of upper teeth.

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