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Yoga Types Of Yoga

Physical Exercise

Sirsha Angustha Yogasana (Head to toe pose)

1) Stand upright with the feet about one metre apart.Interlock the fingers behind the back with the palms up.Keep the arms straight.This is the starting position.
2) Twist the trunk to the right and turn the right foot slightly out to the side.
3) Bend forward at the waist, stretching the arms up as high as possible.
4) Bring the head down to the inside of the right foot.
5) Bend the right knee slightly to assume this position.
6) As the head comes closer to the foot relax the shoulders,keep the arms straight and allow them to fall forward.
7) Hold the position for as long as is comfortable.Raise the trunk, lower the arms and re-centre the body.
8) Repeat on the other side.This completes one round.
9) Breathe in while in the starting position and while twisting.Exhale while bending.Retain the breath out while holding the position.Inhale while raising the trunk and re-centring the body.
1) This asnas stretches the hamstring muscles and lateral stretch to the spine.
2) It also may stimulate nervous system
1) This asnas should not be practiced by people with sciatica pain or slipped disc or sacral infections.
2) This asnas also should be avoided by heart patient/people with hypertension.