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The Sanskrit word 'basti' (written as 'vasti' or 'wasti') is a general word that relates to anything pertaining to the lower abdomen, belly, pelvis and bladder. The practice of basti karma is a process of cleaning the lower abdomen, especially the colon.

Jala Basti (yogic enema with water)
Stand in pure water up to the navel. A flowing river is an ideal place.
Lean forward and place the hands (straight) on the knees. Expand the anal sphincter muscles and simultaneously perform uddiyana bandha/abdominal lock(exhale all the air through the mouth,simultaneously suck the abdominal inside) and nauli in such a way that water is drawn up into the bowels.
Hold the water in the bowels for some time and then expel it through the anus.
Practice note: This technique should be learned under expert guidance. A short tube may be inserted into the anus by beginners to make the practice easier.
1) Benefits of basti may also be obtained by sitting in cool, fresh water up to the navel and performing ashwini mudra.
2) Sthal Basti (dry yogic enema).
3) Sit with both legs outstretched in front and perform paschimottanasana.
4) Hold the position and perform ashwini mudra(contraction & followed by relaxation of anus region) 25 times, sucking air into the bowels.
5) Retain the air for some time and then expel it through the anus.
Basti cleans the colon and removes gas and wind. It helps to remove old stool.
Learn it under guidance of yoga-teacher.