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Suryabhedan pranayam

Just as anulom-vilom pranayam,this involves uninostrilar breathing except for the fact that it is not alternated. This pranayam is believed to stimulate the surya/pingala nadi.and therefore it is knaon as suryabhedanpranyam. On activation of suryanadi,the heat in the body increases. Pingala nadi(pranci energy channel) arises from the right side base of the spine and while traversing upward in the spiral way reaches the roof of the right nostril.pingala nasi controls all those activities which are catabolic/destructive in nature which consumes energy and generate heat in the body. This nadi is governed by the sun as its presiding deity. Therefore it is called surya and. In Sanskrit language, Bhedan means to activate/to break / to pass through/to cut/to pierce.
Purpose - To stimulate pingala/surya nadi.
Required resources- Mat
Execution -
1)Assume a comfortable meditation asana with the head and spine straight.
2)Place the hands on the knees, close the eyes and relax the whole body.
3)When the body is comfortable, still and relaxed, watch the breath for a few minutes until it spontaneously becomes slow and deep.
4) Close the left nostril with the ring finger and inhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril.
5) At the end of inhalation close both nostrils, retain the breath and perform jalandhara (slowly bring chin to the chest) and moola bandhas (contract and hold the anus & genital region).
6) Maintain for just a few seconds when first practising this pranayama.
7) Release moola bandha and then jalandhara bandha.
8) When the head is upright once more, exhale slowly through the right nostril by keeping the left nostril closed with the ring finger.
9)This is one round.
Benefits -
1) This pranayama creates heat in the body.
2) It stimulates pranic energy by activating pingala nadi.
3)It helps to alleviate depression.
4)It makes mind more energetic and open.
5)It is also excellent way to treat low blood pressure,infertility and worms.
6)It also helps to cures basic nervous system disorders.
Guidelines/cautions -
1)People with heart diseases, biliousness, insomnia or hypertension should avoid this.
2)Never practice after meal.
3)Increase the rounds/repetition gradually.
4)Wait atleast three-four after meal before starting pranayama,because food in stomach places pressure on diaphragm and lungs.