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Vaman dhauti /Jaldhauti

Kunjal Kriya or Vaman Dhauti (regurgitative cleansing)
Wash the hands and make sure the nails are carefully trimmed. Prepare about two litres of lukewarm (body temperature) water per person, adding one teaspoonful of salt per litre according to taste.
1) Stand near a sink or toilet, or if the weather is warm, in a suitable place outside in the garden or near an open drain.
2) Drink at least six glasses of the prepared (lukewarm) water one after the other, as quickly as possible, until it feels that the stomach cannot hold any more. It is most important to drink fast and not just sip the water.
3) When the stomach is full, the urge to vomit will occur automatically. Bend your knees and Lean forward keeping the trunk as horizontal as possible. Open the mouth and place the middle and index fingers of the right hand as far back on the tongue as possible. Gently rub and press the back of the tongue. This should induce the water to gush out from the stomach.
4) If there is no expulsion of water it means the tips of the fingers are not far enough down the throat or that the tongue is not being pressed. The more the practitioner relaxes into the practice, the easier it will be. During the expulsion of water the fingers may be removed from the mouth although this is not necessary. When the flow of water ceases, again place the fingers in the mouth and repeat the process. Continue in this way until the stomach is empty.
1) This is the best home remedy for acidity and indigestion and gas problems.
2) It alleviates bad breath problems.
3) This process removes all mucus.
1) This practice should not be performed by people with hernia, diabetes with eyes problem, heart problems and stroke.
2) This technique should not be performed more than twice in one month.
Practice note:
1) Plain water may be used on the advice of a Yoga teacher. Salt water, however, dissolves mucus and also inhibits the secretion of acid in the stomach, making it generally preferable, and a must for those suffering from excess mucus and hyperacidity.
2) Some people are unable to bring up the water at first. The water in the stomach will then simply pass through the system in the normal way. The expelled water might be discoloured, especially on the first few attempts. This can be caused by fermented food particles, bile or mucus from the stomach. When the stomach is completely clean the water will become clear.