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Yoga Types Of Yoga

Physical Exercise

Vyaghrasafla (Tiger pose)

1) Sit in VajraSana..
2) Move into marjarasana and look forward.
3) The hands should be placed directly below the shoulders. Distance between legs and palms should be shoulder width apart.
4) Relax the whole body. Inhale as you touch the right knee to the nose, rounding the spine. Exhale push the right foot up towards the ceiling, arching the spine and looking up as high as possible at the ceiling.
5) Again inhale as you slowly take the knees and head together(try to touch your nose to the knees). The right foot should not touch the floor.
6) Press the knee against the chest and touch the nose the knee. The spine should be convex. Fix the eyes on the knee for a few seconds while retaining the breath outside. Repeat with the other leg.
Breathing :br>Inhale while stretching the leg backward. Retain while bending the knee. Exhale while swinging the knee to the chest.
1) It strengthen hip and back muscles.
2) This asana exercises and loosens the back by bending it alternately in both directions and tones the spinal nerves.
3) It relaxes the sciatic nerves, relieving sciatica, and loosens up the legs.
4) It tones the female reproductive organs and is especially beneficial for women after childbirth and those who have given birth to many children.