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Nutritional Supplements Library Wild Indigo

Nutritional Supplements Library

Wild Indigo

What is wild indigo?


It is a plant which can reach 150cm in height. It is wild and found in many different places. It is tall, growing 4-6 feet. The leaves are divided into clover-like leaflets that are obovate (wider at the tips). Flower spikes appear in June. flowers are deep blue to violet in colour.Scientist believes that the polysaccharides and proteins in wild indigo are effective to stimulate immune system . Currently, wild indigo is primarily used as part of a standardized four-herb combination said to improve immune function. This combination contains, besides wild indigo, Echinacea purpurea root, Echinacea pallida root, and white cedar.

What is the effective dosage of wild indigo supplementation?

Wild indigo is generally used in combination with herbs . A tincture, 1-2 ml three times per day, is sometimes used. When taking the whole herb, 500-1,000 mg is taken as a tea three times daily.

What are the benefits of wild indigo supplementation?

It has been used as an antiseptic, anti-catarrhal, febrifuge,and stimulant purgative. This plant is said to stimulate immune responses to infection, and is used for ear, nose and throatit is also very effective in treating infection of upper respiratory tract and common cold.

What are the side effects of wild indigo supplementation?

In clinical studies, use of the standardized combination therapy has not been associated with any serious harmful effects. But Wild indigo has not undergone comprehensive safety testing.
• It is not for long term use.
• It is not for pregnant women or breast feeding women or young children.