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Wild Yam

What is Wild yam?


Wild yam is a plant native to both North and Central America. As with many other herbal remedies, it is the root of the plant exclusively that is used for therapeutic purposes. Most species of wild yams can be found growing in most temperate climates in the world. Wild yam species from different regions of the world may have different chemical content and different effects.The Diosgenin contained in the root of the wild yam is a steroid-like substance that is believed to convert into the female hormone progesterone (IN LABORATORY, NOT IN HUMANBODY). Diosgenin has served in the synthesis of different synthetic hormones, in the development of the birth control pill and two major advances in plant drug medicine this century.
Contrary to popular claims, wild yam roots do not contain and are not converted into progesterone or dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in the body. Pharmaceutical progesterone is made from wild yam using a chemical conversion process. This can lead to confusion-while wild yam can be a source of progesterone, it cannot be used without this pharmaceutical conversion, which cannot be duplicated by the body. Women who require progesterone should consult with their physician and not rely on wild yam supplements.

What is the effective dosage of wild yam supplementation?

The effective dosage is 3 to 6 tablespoon per day in divided dosage. As tincture take 2 to 4 ml three times daily.

What are the benefits of wild yam supplementation?

• Wild yam has been used traditionally as a relaxing remedy for painful menstruation, ovarian pain and to alleviate cramps. Many women have found this a useful herb during the menopause.
• It has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic action, it has been regularly used to ease the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and rheumatism.
• It has been effective in pain relief of digestive problems such as colic, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis.
• It was also used for gastrointestinal upset, nerve pain, and morning sickness (accompanies early pregnancy.)

What are the side effects of wild yam supplementation?

The side effect of wild yam (at high dosages) includes nausea and vomiting.
• It is not for men or children.
• It is also not for pregnant or breast feeding women.